exclusively designed

for paok f.c.

by αrmιrίκι


spirit of paok

by dimitris kouvaras

graphic designer / print designer


The memories…the joys…the pain and the difficulties. These are the most fundamental factors that shape and form a team’s soul. So what is a team that has no heart filled with all the above? The answer is simply nothing. The blood, the sweat and the tears of many individuals, combined with the raw and powerful feeling of wanting to succeed, are the only things able to create a pure team that will, later on, turn into a family. A family that will, eventually, create a legacy. A legacy with a true heart and spirit. paok is undoubtedly all the above. The history that’s hidden deep inside people’s hearts has the proof.


inspired by the greek refugees from Asia Minor that landed in Thessaloniki in the 1920’s, and created their own football club


created for the paok f.c. boutique


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