exclusively designed

for snfcc

by αrmιrίκι


structuring space

by vasileios mavrikios

human / artist / designer


Empty space is like an empty canvas, formless. It allows everything to take place.

The dynamics of empty space change when form appears and a new balance occurs.

Form can be given by structuring space, following a single or multiple disciplines at the same time.

From a single path that connects 2 points, to confined spaces, shapes and more complexed interacting structures.


01 / labyrinth / a path through space with a single point of entry & exit. an ancient structure, symbol of esoteric journey. entering it, is an awakening process, that requires a degree of faith, to let go of the known and enter the unknown.


02 / modules / a set of structures or paths that can be put together to create a more complex structure. purpose adds function to the form and function allows usability and interaction. in an open urban space, structures can be arranged by their attributes or purpose in such a way that they allow cultural interaction and promote social welfare.


inspired by the snfcc logo


created for the snfcc boutique


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